What is the issue here? I wish I knew. At what age does someone, me, stop being considered girly. For one, I’ve never considered myself especially girly, but as I’ve, put on years, I’ve realized that I do have some girly attributes. I seem to walk with my arms out to my sides like I’ve been issued a sidearm, but really it just seems to be the way I walk. I also have some hand mannerisms that I wasn’t aware off that suddenly seem to have appeared.

Am I becoming more girly as I, put on years, or am I just going crazy? Crazy, but then not. Hmm.


So, tomorrow is officially April 2021. Already, the winter/springtime mix has started. The cherry blossom trees are early and the weather can’t seem to figure itself out. Cold and rainy or not, no in between. Pretty normal, actually.

So, in an ode to the upcoming springtime season; here is an haiku for the masses to enjoy.

Grass grows, water tight,

New sprigs of green in planters,

Aroma, blooms, and light.

New Mission, Feet!

I’m trying out some new ideas of making money from my feet, especially socks. There has to be a way that I can take my knitting passion and make something of it besides a stockpile of knitted garments. I could sell said knitted garments, but I don’t knit constantly and so don’t have that much on hand at any time. I mostly do it for the enjoyment of creating. The family, they get a few things, but I learned a long time ago that it is not really appreciated as much as you would think it should be. Sigh.

So, the feet, does anyone actually make money off feet videos and pictures? I think I have cute feet. I just saw Arsinio Hall’s special and he cracked me up talking out how ugly women’s little toes are. I think mine are cute, but he does have a point. My little toe nail on either foot grows weird and not very long. The other toes have what you would expect of toe nails, but not the little toe. Small, sad little toe, don’t lose hope. I appreciate you. 🙂

So, that is my next adventure. Knitting socks to go along with my new foot idea. Not sure how it is going to go, but I have to do something with this website. Sorry that it has just been sitting here. Its been busy few years.

Knitting the perfect … thing

Knitting is subjective, it really is. What would make the perfect gift? Or, what would be perfect just for yourself? Go ahead, be selfish.

I mainly dabble in knitting. Sure, I have all the basic skills – yarn overs, knitting, purling, through back loops and even know a few ways to increase stitches, and decrease of course, but I am still learning. Somethings still intimidate me, cables and multiple colors, but that is something I will have to try and conquer over time. I enjoy lace knitting. The act of counting and staying with a pattern keeps my mind busy and mostly content.

Grand Prismatic Spring

I decided to drive to the Grand Prismatic Spring today. It was, as expected, busy. I just went with it and parked down on the side of the road with the rest of the rabid tourists :). It was not as smelly as I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, there were wisps of that over-boiled Easter egg smell, but otherwise it was just steamy. The walkways were very busy and I must admit that I was a bit nervous with the narrowness of the walkway. The tourists not very considerate of the width of the walkway and the near death experience that was right below. I managed to watch them as well as my own feet, and get great pictures along with trying not to worry about the plausibility of a sudden, burning death. I’m being overly dramatic, but it is a very narrow walkway with a lot of people on it trying to get that must have picture.

It was great besides my paranoia :). The drive there and back was not too bad and I got to see a Bison who was right next to the road. You do know that your supposed to stay at least 75 feet away, but everybody was pulled over and standing right next to this huge animal. Luckily for them it was blithely going about its lunch. A few Elk made an appearance, but I was persistent with my mission, the Grand Prismatic Spring. I wasn’t going to let anything slow me down. I’ll leave off Old Faithful for another road trip.

I Found the COFFEEEEE Place in Jackson, WY.

IMG_0615I went to Jackson, WY today. I found a pretty central place to park, free, love it! The first thing was my hunt for breakfast. I found a nice place called the Cowboy Coffee Company. It always makes me all fuzzy when I ask for a dirty chai and I don’t have to say “yes, with a shot of espresso.” They are a good coffee house and I was happily surprised by the quality and quantity of the espresso laden chai I received. There were people with their dogs in the store and a cute little hound that wandered around until it’s person came by and picked it up. When I left the dog was sitting on one of the couches sleeping. That is what I love about Jackson. All the dog friendly places. All you need is a leash and some stores welcome them right on in.


The drive was beautiful. This early in the season the tourist, myself included, craziness hadn’t taken full effect, but I’m waiting for July, then we will see. I got to see a few Elk and the ever present Bison along the Grand Loop Road. My friend Christy and I having never been into Yellowstone before and were unfamiliar with how the roads were organized, completely missed the turnoff for Hayden Valley and headed off toward Old Faithful. We tried to stop at the Prismatic Spring, but it was too crazy. So, on we went. We hit Gibbon Falls and stopped at Madison Junction for the view and a necessary bathroom break. We wanted to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and it was great, but the pics are on another camera so will have to wait for the next post :).

So, we hit up a very smelly Mud Volcano and the Sulphur Caldron. Imagine Easter time and the fun and silly activity of boiling eggs so to color said eggs bright colors, your seeing it in your mind right? Well, ramp up the smell of hard boiled eggs to 1000, and don’t forget to add the ever present badly burned hard boiled egg smell, and you have the smell from those geysers. But, beyond breathing very carefully and trying to stay away from the shifting cloud of sulfur, it was really cool.

The best part of the Mud Volcano area though had to be the Dragon Mouth Spring. It really sounds like something is growling and steam is constantly gushing out, as you can see from the bottom middle picture. Pretty cool, huh?

It was an interesting day and I”m glad to be back home.

Huckleberry Ice Cream

I had a long day, but it was made so much better with the Huckleberry ice cream that was served for dessert. It was rich and creamy with just a hint of tanginess. I never had this berry before and will choose not to eat them in anything other than pie or ice-cream. It is just like my love-hate relationship with blueberries. I love them when they are fresh, but the instant they start to wither, bleh, the texture bothers me enough to stop eating them. Otherwise, they are lovely. All in all, a good dessert. IMG_0305