Work in Progress that is NOT in Progress

Work In Progress

Design by design,

Stitch by Stitch, magic happens,

Frogging ruins days.

Well, I think I’m being too impatient with this pattern book. I started over, twice, and once only did the lace pattern to see if I was doing something wrong, I was but we won’t mention that. Now all is good and I’m afraid to start again. What if it still looks horrible?

Also, who write a pattern book that does not follow any type of pattern in the directions. Of course, there are the charts to follow A, B, and C. These are easy enough to figure out. There is the written instructions as well if a person does not like pattern charts or who cannot read them yet.

But, BUT, when the instructions say cast on this many and then follow this pattern set up, then follows that with seemingly simple instructions, you would think everything would flow. No, of course not.

The charts seem to expand upon one another, and you would think that the written instructions would include a cascading pattern that would incorporate all three into the design, but no. It only tells you to cast on so many and use chart A till you have so many stitches then start the the lacy edge. It makes no mention of chart B or C until the lace edge, but if you only follow the Chart A pattern for the body, it looks jacked.

Sigh, I think at this point I’m going to do it my way with chart C and see where it goes. Anything is better than beating my head against this pattern book. And the patterns are so beautiful too. Sad.

Work In Progress Continued

Well, it is coming along pretty well. I’m not sure if I have made a mistake, because my lace does not look quite like the picture, but I think I have followed the pattern okay. O’well, I’m going with it anyway. If, once it gets blocked, it still looks wonky I will give it another go to see if it is the pattern or me. probably me. 🙂

Here is the first part of the pattern. I have completed two of the four repeats of the pattern in the above picture. IMG_0143

Lace Knitting: Love It, Hate it, Wear It

It is too complicated. What! I’m off by how many stitches? You’ve got to be kidding me!? Where did all these extra yarn overs come from? These are only a few of the curses knitters say when knitting lace.

Lace knitting is its own hemisphere. New knitters hover around its mysterious landscapes, afraid to land and possibly be eaten alive. It seems so hard what with all the openness and scary structure involved in its construction. It only takes a little courage though.

I remember when I started learning lace. I was always off somehow no matter how much I counted my stitches and went by the pattern. It was so frustrating. Then one day I had an ah ha moment. You know, those moments when everything works out and all is rainbows and candy canes. I wish it happened spontaneously, but no. A nice woman at my local knitting group told me some wisdom that I have lived by since, “count your stitches between markers” and I have never looked back.

Lace is a demanding task master. It hordes your time and regardless of the mission you are on, can take you down. It bleeds your soul and at the same time lifts you up so high that you cannot even see that extra yarn over or the slipped stitch. You don’t care! It is a beautiful experience, until you want to throw it across the room or bunch it up and stuff it deep into your knitting bag. It is so frustrating.

Knitters love it so much. It is a crazy path to follow, but so easy to get sucked into. Once you have learned the basic stitches you think “Wow, this is great! I can do anything. Let’s try lace.” And then you go completely nuts.

Only knitters know the feeling of longing when another persons walks past with a fabulously knitted shawl or cardigan. It is a secret drive that pulls knitters down lanes that normally they would never have the courage to go. Beginning knitters look at those wonderfully intricate shawls and drool and only hope one day they will be skilled and brave enough to attempt it. Or more rightly, they will hide behind their knitting bag and tremble at the thought of SSK or K2tog, or even a dreaded yarn over.

Once though, lace has been conquered, sort of, knitters dance down he lance of possibility. No longer are they relegated to simple stocking net scarves and plain hats; they can achieve the impossible and create a fabulous hat or spectacular shawl that will blow the other knitters away. Walking into the next knitting group will be the highlight of your whole day. The other knitters will oooh and ahh over your new creation. You will be feeling euphoric.

Then the next project will humble you, but you will not give up. Lace knitting is an adventure. One that gives and takes, but it is so worth while. Afterward, you get to walk around wearing a beautifully intricate piece waiting to be recognized for your skill. The next big thing! Until you see someone wearing a knitted piece so phenomenal you race back to find that pattern and start the process over.

Work In Progress

I started a new lace shawl the other day. I’m okay with it, but I think I made a few mistakes. It barely looks like the picture. Oh well, I’ll have to put more rows on in the pattern to see if it starts to look something like it should.

I’m all excited about it too. There for a while I was depressed and frustrated at the whole idea of knitting. It comes and goes that way. I relish in the creation process and then it fizzles out. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who gets knitting burnout, but it is very hard to deal with.

One moment you are so excited and you study all the many, many, many pattern books you own, and then all of a sudden nothing. Your yarn looks at you like you have abandoned it and that only leads to more despair. sigh.

But then! The sunlight is shining and the yarn is happy and all is right with the world. That next project is so fun and you can’t wait to get started that you not even paying attention to how annoying counting your cast on stitches is and worrying about the first few rows. You have to get them perfect or the whole thing will be ruined and you will fall into darkest despair all over again. Ahhhhh!

Onward and upward, or onward and purlward.