New Mission, Feet!

I’m trying out some new ideas of making money from my feet, especially socks. There has to be a way that I can take my knitting passion and make something of it besides a stockpile of knitted garments. I could sell said knitted garments, but I don’t knit constantly and so don’t have that much on hand at any time. I mostly do it for the enjoyment of creating. The family, they get a few things, but I learned a long time ago that it is not really appreciated as much as you would think it should be. Sigh.

So, the feet, does anyone actually make money off feet videos and pictures? I think I have cute feet. I just saw Arsinio Hall’s special and he cracked me up talking out how ugly women’s little toes are. I think mine are cute, but he does have a point. My little toe nail on either foot grows weird and not very long. The other toes have what you would expect of toe nails, but not the little toe. Small, sad little toe, don’t lose hope. I appreciate you. 🙂

So, that is my next adventure. Knitting socks to go along with my new foot idea. Not sure how it is going to go, but I have to do something with this website. Sorry that it has just been sitting here. Its been busy few years.

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