Space Opera Continued

The explosion cascaded through the command desk sending everyone careening off of ops desks. Toddy slumped to the floor unconscious and Nim looked up just to see that Mr. Erskin bleeding heavily from a head wound, but still calling out orders through the ship’s Conn. Without the Captain there it was mass confusion. Nim made sure that Toddy was okay, she was just shook up, and grabbed her stations med kit making her way over to Mr. Erskin. He quickly slapped on a quick compress from the kit and gestured her toward her station.

As ships navigator it was her duty to make sure that they didn’t hit anything along their route toward New Sienca. The Gennile’s long eight month journey was almost complete and she needed to focus on making sure their last minute calculations were accurate or they could over shoot the  Sienca system. Nim knew her last calculations were good and nothing was within a million secs of their track so she was confused by the sudden impact. “Did I miss something? Was an asteroid hiding behind that belt we passed last week?” she though as she furiously scanned the incoming sensor data.

Puzzled she looked through the data again. Nothing showed on the data screens. They had not nothing and she couldn’t seen anything in their vicinity that would account for the sudden crash.

“Aris, what have you got for me?” she called down to the engineering deck. “I need some news. What do you see?”

Ari’s voice crackled through the Conn network. “I don’t know what to tell you Sir. It does not make sense. Nothing on my scans say we hit anything. I’m still running scans of the ship. I’ll get back to you when I have more information.”

“What do you mean you don’t see what we hit? We had to have hit something?” Just then the ship suddenly stopped. Nim grasped her console, but was surprised not to go flying across the deck. She looked at Toddy, who was now groggily sitting at her own station, and Mr. Erskin, but they both were as perplexed as she was.

“What the…” Mr. Erskin said. The alarms suddenly cut off.

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