Space Opera Flash Fiction

Join in the flash fiction fun with a theme of Space Opera. 

The sirens alarmed throughout the ship, piercing Nim’s sensitive ears. She sat up in her berth nearly falling out of the tiny space, “Damn, what now!?” She quickly pulled on her clothes and looked around her small room looking for her Phox. Grabbing it off the sink counter she raced out of her berth and immediately ran into what looked like the entire crew of the Genncile. The blare of the alarm was louder out here and she dodged through the crowd toward the command deck while trying to shield her ears from the noise.

“What is going on?” cried one woman Nim passed.

“Were we hit? What was that noise?” another said.

Nim raced down a side corridor that was mostly empty stearing clear of the passenger lounges. She knew that if she got caught in there answering questions she would never make it to her post on the command deck.

Out of breath she reached her destination and instantly knew that something was very wrong. Mr. Erskin, the second in command, was standing at the communications desk listening to a woman yelling from the other end. Toddy was over by the engineering center jabbing at screens that were partially working, her ear tufts twitching frantically.

“Nim, am I glad to see you. I was about to send a search party to your room.” Toddy got up and hugged Nim to her. This startled Nim for a second, Toddy was not one to show so much emotion. She patted Toddy’s back reassuringly not too sure if it would do any good.

“Toddy, what happened? Where is the Captain? Were we damaged by something? What is going on?” Before Toddy could answer a shock wave went through the ship sending everyone who wasn’t strapped into their seats to the floor.



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