Work In Progress

I started a new lace shawl the other day. I’m okay with it, but I think I made a few mistakes. It barely looks like the picture. Oh well, I’ll have to put more rows on in the pattern to see if it starts to look something like it should.

I’m all excited about it too. There for a while I was depressed and frustrated at the whole idea of knitting. It comes and goes that way. I relish in the creation process and then it fizzles out. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who gets knitting burnout, but it is very hard to deal with.

One moment you are so excited and you study all the many, many, many pattern books you own, and then all of a sudden nothing. Your yarn looks at you like you have abandoned it and that only leads to more despair. sigh.

But then! The sunlight is shining and the yarn is happy and all is right with the world. That next project is so fun and you can’t wait to get started that you not even paying attention to how annoying counting your cast on stitches is and worrying about the first few rows. You have to get them perfect or the whole thing will be ruined and you will fall into darkest despair all over again. Ahhhhh!

Onward and upward, or onward and purlward.

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