The Treasure Hunt of the Disappearing Stitch Markers

What is it about stitch markers? I can see some of them being attached to currently moldering projects. Those that you find down in the dark, dank depths of project bags of christmas past. Those that you pick out of a bag like the proverbial rabbit. Ah Ha! I knew this was somewhere. Damn, I’m going to have to frog it. Why you may ask? Because you don’t remember where the instructions are or even worse you know perfectly well where they are, but you have no idea where you left off. Sigh

I had to have bought hundreds, ok maybe not hundreds, of stitch markers over the years and this is all I could find. I went through every bag and sleeve that I had, except the boxes, we don’t talk about the boxes.

Side Note: I love going through my bags O stuff. It is like walking through a new yarn store for the first time. All those pretty colors and textures to fondle and gawk at. It is like that going through my own project bags. How many of you have found a fantastic, beautiful skein of yarn and get that rush of discovery and wonder that you feel in the yarn store? It is something special. I have my own store in my stash, tears of joy and frustration run down my face. 🙂

Anyway, stitch markers. They live within a realm of their own and laugh at our attempts to control their travel across our plane of existence.

They do seem to have a mind of their own. You can never find any stitch markers when you need them and if you do, you can never find enough for a project. It is so frustrating. Here you are all ready with a skein of wound yarn, the correct size needles you need, and all you need to find are stitch markers. That is when you get creative. I’ve used safety pins or paper clips before. They all work, but DAMN IT!, that was not what I got them for! I am supposed to be able to use the stitch markers that I buy every time I go to a yarn shop.

Sometimes as I walk down the aisle of the yarn store I stop and stare at all the pretty different ones on display. It is not my intention to by any at that time and it is hard not too, but I think to myself that I have plenty at home. Only to discover when I do get home that they have all taken a vacation in my closet and are laughing at me as they sit on the beach and drink Mai Tais. Damn stitch markers. grump.

So, there I am in the yarn store aisle and drooling over stitch markers like they are the most precious of diamonds. It is a weird phenomenon and only crafters will understand. They are the holy grail. The path of enlightenment in a world of dark corners and pockets of time. They call to me, but I resist, much to my detriment. So many different types and colors. What to do? What to do?

When you do find a stitch marker somewhere in your stash of bags it is like a golden sun has gone of in your soul. YES! you think as you hold it up to the light and relish its splendid color and shape. The visions of new projects dance through your head and you get giddy with anticipation of slipping it on to the needle, then reality sets in and you realize that you need 10 more. ugh.

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