Okay, off the topic of knitting.

What is with the new style sport bra?

So, I decided that my new hotness needed more supportive sports bras. Off I went to the local sports store, pick your poison there, and there were plenty to choose from. I happened up on a wrack of really nice looking bras and chose the high-performance. You know, the ones that is supposed to be for running, but in my case is more of a putt. Anyway, I find my size, they even had them portioned out into actual bra size.

My size is my own business :), but needless to say I needed extra support.

I picked one in black and went to the try it on room. Aside, aside. That room was great! The mirror was tall and narrow and in the corner. The rest of the room was large and you could get naked without having to stare at yourself until you were ready :).

This bra had a bra clasp and I was like “cool” and it was pull over your head as well. With some struggle I got it on and it get “perfectly” I was in love, until I tried to get it off. In my experience sports bras are only to be hard to get off once they have been sweated in, not when you are dry. Needless today, the perfect sports bra was a no go because I could not figure out how to get the damn thing off. I spent five minutes jumping up and down and wiggling my shoulders before I got it over my shoulder blades and angled enough to get it over my head. So, I will be using the old standby bras, which are still okay.

I looked around at the other bras, and the bra clasp from hell it quite popular in this years sport bra fashion. Sigh.

Why the struggle?

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